Vehicle Donation

Give + Shop = Jobs

Don’t worry with dealing with the hassle of trade-ins or trying to sell your vehicle. Make it easy on yourself and just donate your vehicle to Goodwill.

When you donate your vehicle to Goodwill, you not only will receive a much needed tax deduction, but you will also help with Goodwill’s mission of providing training and job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The revenues gained from your vehicle will help support employment services and programs for your community.

To donate your car, please contact Goodwill’s main office at (334) 263-4633 to coordinate your donation.

Make sure you bring with you:

  • The Vehicle Title
  • Your ID

January 1, 2005, the IRS issued changes to federal tax treatment of vehicle donations. The attached Vehicle Donation Fact Sheet will summarize changes to the laws.

Donors are vital to fulfill our role of helping people with disabilities go to work