Donation Drives

Give + Shop = Jobs

Host a Goodwill Donation Drive

Hosting a Goodwill Donation Drive is a fun way to get together with your friends, co-workers and/or neighbors and support your community at the same time!

When you donate your unwanted clothing, furniture and household goods to Goodwill, you are helping people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work!

Over 90% of the revenue generated from the sales of donated goods goes toward funding Goodwill’s mission of providing training and job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

How to host a donation drive:

  1. Talk to your company, church and/or neighborhood about holding a donation drive.
  2. Contact Goodwill’s Public Relations Department at (334) 263-4633 to schedule the drive.
  3. Use the promotional materials provided by Goodwill to advertise the donation drive.
  4. Use various social media and media contacts to advertise your donation drive: facebook, twitter, radio, television, newspaper, magazines, etc.
  5. If needed, Goodwill will have a truck on site writing donation receipts.
  6. Once the drive is over, don’t forget to thank everyone that participated in the donation drive.
  7. Know that your donations help individuals in the community to receive job training, career placement and other employment services. You play the key role in helping an individual feel dignity and respect through the power of work.

Donors are vital to fulfill our role of helping people with disabilities go to work