Job Assistance Requirements

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Requirements for Job Assistance

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services continues to be the primary referral source for Goodwill’s Workforce Development Department, but any public, private or individual can make a referral. Funding for services is handled by the referring source. A Memorandum of Agreement is required with referral sources.

All individuals are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Expected to reach competitive employment
  • Documentation of vocational disadvantage and disability  

If the person has a disability, the following is also required:

  • Documentation of the disability from the referring source
  • Documentation that the physical and/or psychological condition(s) is stable
  • Medically release to participant in work activities
  • Documentation of reasonable acceptable behaviors
  • Independent in activities of daily living (If an assistant is required, it is the responsibility of the person served to provide)
  • Responsible for self-medication, if applicable when referred for workshop activities
  • Not considered harmful or a threat to self or to the others based on medical history

Services are provided either at Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama, Inc. located at 900 Air Base Boulevard or in the community.

Services are provided in the River Region and on an as needed basis in other counties, per referral source. Transportation is not a service offered. But, individuals served utilize personal, rural and city transit services to attend the program. Every effort is made to initiate services in a timely manner; however, a waiting list may be implemented.

We believe that work creates the economic energy that builds strong families and strong communities.